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About Us

 Our Mission:
  • Facilitate the adoption of renewable energy solutions for the betterment of our planet and our children.
  • Provide honest, reliable and courteous service to all our clients.
  • Provide the highest quality products available as demonstrated through research. 
  • Assist you in achieving your Renewable Energy Goals.

Dan Alway (L) Art Toy (C) Lloyd LeZotte (R)

Safety is Priority on the job site.

Active in the renewable energy revolution since the 1970's, our founders have modeled the company's principles after their personal commitment to a cleaner, greener world.

DANIEL ALWAY #032611-6
Dan Alway [BS from Western Michigan University] lives off-grid near Gobles, Michigan and participated in the rebirth of the Great Lakes Renewable Energy Association. Mr. Alway is NABCEP Certified Solar PV Installer™ #032611-6. Mr. Alway has been installing renewable energy systems for over 38 years as well as teaching solar energy courses at the Kalamazoo Math & Science Center. He has designed and manufactured custom built high efficiency low energy Direct Current refrigerators for off grid homes and boats for clients around the world. He has given presentations on energy conservation and renewable energy topics throughout the mid-west.

Lloyd LeZotte [BS/BArch from Lawrence Technological University] a licensed architect and licensed builder has over 27 years of experience in building design and construction in Michigan as well as having installed wind turbines, solar electric systems and solar thermal systems for homes. Mr. LeZotte is currently building a home with a radiant floor heating system powered by a Masonry Heater and Solat Thermal Hot Water System. He recently installed a 5KW Solar Photvoltiac System at his new home that is grid-tied and providing electricity to Consumers Energy as a part of their Feed-In Tariff Program. He also drives a VW Beetle powered with Bio-diesel and is an active member of the Bio-diesel Coop of Kalamazoo. He is NABCEP knowledge certified in Solar Photovoltaic Systems as well as factory trained to service Bergey Wind Turbines.
Arthur Toy SW032412-3

Art Toy [BS/MS from UCLA] has over 27 years of experience in research, development, production, manufacturing and project management as well as having assisted with Pfizer Inc’s Climate Change, Energy Conservation and Energy Efficiency initiatives. Mr. Toy also has 13 years of military leadership experience with his most recent assignment as an artillery officer with the Michigan Army National Guard. He is NABCEP  Certified Small Wind Level 3 # SW032412-3 & Knowledge Certified in Solar Photovoltaic Systems as well as factory trained to service XZERES and Bergey wind turbines  He recently installed a 5KW solar photovoltaic array at his home as part of the Consumers Energy Feed-In Tariff Program.  You can take a virtual tour via the Internet of Mr. Toy’s on-grid home equipped with a 10KW wind turbine, solar water heater and geothermal heating/cooling system as part of CNN’s “Planet in Peril” series. The link to the virtual tour is at this location:


North American Board of Certified Energy Practioners


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Four Elements Energy is a certified dealer & installer for Bergey WindPower Systems.
We PROUDLY sell products made in the USA.

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